Italy’s culture and its cities have evolved over thousands of years. So I guess it’s no surprise that there are unexpected treasures everywhere. Ancient cultures seem to be built upon each other in layers.

This can best be seen when you visit the layers of a city like Orvieto, a beautiful hilltown in southern Umbria. This region is right in the center of Italy and best known for its architecture and art left by the popes who lived there for approximately 300 years during the middle ages while the area now known as the Vatican was occupied by unfriendly opponents.

Beneath the surface, underground artifacts show how Etruscan tribes lived thousands of years earlier and how they carved their city directly into the rocks on which modern Orvieto now stands. Archeologists indicate that the underground city that we tour with our guides was carved over a period of 2500 years with hand tools.

This is just another jewel in the case of authentic experiences awaiting you when you explore a city that already enchanting above ground.