Romantic Rome: A food and cultural trip for couples.2019-04-02T20:07:51+00:00

Enjoy the life of a true Roman in your Pied a Terre in the Centro Storico, or Old City. Discover history’s treasures, like the Pantheon or the Trevi Fountain, and Rome’s culinary traditions off the beaten path and away from the crowds

When you arrive at your stylish Rome apartment, relax and enjoy an aperitif before dinner and share a quiet dinner at a chef-owned trattoria, as you plan for the day ahead.   There is beautiful spot above the Piazza di Spagna, near the Spanish Steps, that overlooks all of ancient Rome. As the sun sets over the Vatican and the Forum, you can taste small bites of Roman culture with one of the many traditional apperitivi. You won’t ever forget this view.

On Day Two, start your discovery of Rome with a walking tour of the Centro Storico. Visit the Pantheon, the Forum and stroll up the Spanish steps to the best espresso (Caffe Antica Greco) and gelato (Giolitti) in the city. While you are here, stop in at the Trevi Fountain and the Piazza Navona for great displays of art through sculpture. Return home for a riposo, or rest, before dinner.

Then stroll the narrow vicoli, or alleys, of the Centro Storico to the Appia Antica, which was the main cobblestone road travelled by the Roman Legions. Take an historical walking tour and learn of the prominent families who set up their villas for all to see along this historic path. When the tour is done, you move to another location along the Appian Way to L’Archeologica, one of the best dining experiences that you can have in Rome. Sit outside on a stone patio surrounded by the ruins from ancient times. Have a relaxed and luxurious experience that ends with a cutting board of fine chocolate that you cut and enjoy while you sip your espresso or after-dinner drink.

On day three, experience St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel. If you have time, go to the Villa Borghese and see the private collection of one of Rome’s most prominent families of the past. Afterwards you can go to Via Germanico, in Vatican City to Il Toscano, and enjoy Tuscany’s affinity for fine grilled meats in the Center of Rome.

On day 4, Linger in the ancient streets of Trastevere and experiences its small bites while you look at some of the oldest neighborhoods of Rome.   From there, visit the Jewish Ghetto and you can be part of the debate over carciofi all giudia (in the Jewish style) or carciofi alla romana (in the Roman style). That night, go where Romans go to eat on Viale Parioli. You will have your choice of many restaurants, some more luxurious and traditional, such as Il Caminetto, or La Scala,or something more moderate and updated like La Pariolina.

On day 5, experience Rome’s incredible pizza. You have heard that pizza in Italy is great, but you haven’t yet found it in this giant city with many questionable pizza experiences. Well, the best two places are near the Piazza Navona, where you can study the amazing fountains of Bernini and the grand space where they once hosted naval exhibits. Then go to the Capitoline Hill for an historical tour of the start of Rome and the Forum as its cultural, economic and even residential center in the early years. From here tour one of the most romantic places in town, the Castel Sant’Angelo. You will learn how strategic this castle was to Roman emperors and the Pope over hundreds of years. It’s late now and you are tired, so stroll around and enjoy, while you pass the Trevi Fountain at night all lit up and glistening. The alleys and piazzas at night, with their fountains all lit up, will keep you strolling for hours.

On day 6, feed your culinary curiosity at the Campo de Fiori market in the morning, (and come back in the evening to buy your amore flowers at the evening market). Then off to Ostienze, to one of Rome’s hottest places for culinary travelers.   If you haven’t been able to get to Eataly in New York, we can bring you to the one in Rome, which is even better, and see many of Rome’s food traditions all in one place. It’s an amazing array of high quality fish and salumi, and breads and wines, and prepared foods and gifts to take home. Then we take a short walk down the street to Porto Fluviale. We can have one of his chefs teach you to make one of your favorite new dishes or you can learn something new in the private glass dining room. Afterwards, we have a send-off dinner from the varied menu of foods and wines from all over Italy.