Tili Vini

On the road between Spello and Assisi in Umbria is the Tili Winery. It is a family-owned organic vineyard with a centuries-long passion for the land. The winery produces Assisi DOC and Umbria IGT certified organic wines according to the tradition handed down from father to son for centuries.

The Tili family has German origins going back to King Federico Redbeard in the 12th century. In Redbeard’s quest of conquering Italian lands, the Tili family received these wonderful properties on the hillside of Assisi directly from the King for their war services. However, when the family lost their prestige and jobs as soldiers of the city in the 15th century they had to increase their “hobby” of wine and oil making.

It is very important for the family not only to respect nature but also the health of consumers. It is unthinkable for them to produce wines that are dangerous for the lands or the people who enjoy them.

Tili does not use herbicides or pesticides or chemical fertilizers, but only what is found in nature such as sulfur and copper for treatments, and manure to fertilize. All of the working vineyards are pruned and harvested by hand. With the goal to have zero carbon emissions, the vineyard is powered by solar panels and uses compostable natural corks and only dark glass bottles from recycled glass.

Since 1978, the Tili family has welcomed visitors to experience the unique flavors and hospitality of Umbria. They offer sensorial experiences on their estate including wine tastings, cooking classes, truffle hunting, pruning and harvesting grapes, and olive picking.

Guided tours begin in the vineyard or olive grove, pass through the cellar to learn about the process of making wine or oil, and settle at the table to taste freshly prepared foods and wines produced by Tili. It is truly a unique experience flavored by tradition and seasons.

Visit the Tili Vini website to learn more about their wide variety of tastings and sensorial experiences.

Tili Vini

Tili Vini
Location: Via Cannella, 2
Email: info@tilivini.com
Website: www.tilivini.com