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This Tuscan Life with Lisa and Toni Brancatisano

Part of the wonder of travel is meeting new people with different experiences. I just returned from Rome and Florence, places that I have been to dozens of times. But I feel that I have seen them completely anew thanks to two wonderful people.

Toni and Lisa Brancatisano are ex-pats from Australia whose father was from Calabria in southern Italy. They settled in Tuscany many years ago and have made quite the impact. Twin sisters, they are a dynamic duo with a passion for Italian culture. Their passions have led them to become accomplished chefs, stylists, authors, bloggers, and fashion experts.

Over the next few months, I am going to unfold some new initiatives that Pranzo is excited to offer together with Toni and Lisa Brancatisano. For now, I am happy to share an exclusive complimentary issue of This Tuscan Life.

Distributed seasonally, the publication offers readers an insider’s view of Tuscany. The magazine is beautiful and informative. It is one of the best travel and culture magazines that I have seen.

Anyone who has visited Tuscany will be transported to relive cherished memories, and anyone planning a trip will be inspired with ideas of what to see and do.

Enjoy This Tuscan Life courtesy of Pranzo Tours!

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