We take a different approach to your accommodations. We will search for the most appropriate type of accommodation that Italy offers. This might include a villa for large groups and the most privacy. We often are able to have events or meals prepared for you in the privacy of your villa.

In the cities, we often can book you an apartment centrally located to what you want to see. These can be a wonderful advantage with more space or in a quieter neighborhood than other accommodations.

The Italian agriturismo can be a great idea for you. These are private estates that can be more like an inn or bed & breakfast, or they can be a collection of private or semi-private apartments. They take many shapes and sizes but they all include wonderful hospitality and historical settings.

If you like hotels, we search to locate the type of hotel that fits you best. No matter your type of accommodation, our attention to detail remains the same.

What we do is minimize the moves that you have to make. We will base you centrally to your itinerary and make your experiences closer to a home base. This avoids living out of a suitcase for your entire experience and definitely does not have you hopping and off of a bus every day.