This Tuscan Life - WinterA Gift for Friends of Pranzo Tours

The new issue of This Tuscan Life is out and it is as rich and varied as the incredible region for which is it named. Every page is filled with stunning photographs and original stories that explore Italy’s cultural history and contemporary experiences. Our own story of Pranzo Tours is featured on page 72!

Here is just a taste of what else you’ll find inside:

  • February marks the beginning of the Carnival season in Italy. Read about Viareggio, the largest and most famous Carnival parade, and the famous artist Uberto Bonetti who created the iconic Burlamacco clown mascot and vintage Carnival posters.
  • Discover the lost art of made-to-measure shirts, suits, and shoes with Stefano Bemer and Sartoria Vestrucci in San Niccolò.
  • Contemporary fresco artists Roberto and Rodolfo Guarnieri, two Florentine brothers who have been creating original art in the Renaissance city for 40 years.
  • A profile of Scarperia, the town of Knives founded by the Republic of Florence in 1306.
  • Recipes for braised beef and Peposo, traditional Italian sweet cakes, pumpkin donuts with vincotto, and delectable winter cocktails.

Che Brava to Editor & Founder Lisa Brancatisano on another breathtaking issue of This Tuscan Life.

Lisa’s ability to find and share these wonderful stories from Tuscany is why we are working with her to develop our new Pranzo’s Best Tuscany package. It will be a customizable base itinerary to make it easier for travelers to plan amazing trips filled with unique and authentic experiences. Stay tuned for more to come later this year.

Until then, we invite you to enjoy This Tuscan Life Winter courtesy of Pranzo Tours!

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