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Dear [CLIENT]–

Thank you for choosing Pranzo Tours for your customized celebration.  We have designed a trip for you primarily in the region of Umbria as we discussed.  We also have focused much of the trip on enjoying local cultures and celebration with the amazing food and wines of the region.   All transportation will be by private vehicle, sufficient to fit all 6 guests.  This will assist in maximizing your experience, so you do not have to travel Italy’s confusing roads and so that fatigue and parking are never an impediment to your enjoyment. Also, all visits are guided unless the program indicates otherwise.  What we try to do with our guides is have them present the city and sites of interest to you, then you will have free time to spend and wander yourselves.  The guide will be available to you, should you wish, during this time.

Everyone that you will work with is hand-chosen by us and we have recommended only those areas and places that we have experienced ourselves over the years.  As is mentioned in our terms that were previously sent to you, this is the start.  From here, the process moves much more quickly.  Once your Road Map is approved, we will make all provisional reservations and obtain pricing information.  You will then be able to review the entire trip before final reservations and payment are made.

Your flights are purchased through Michele Didonna and we will work with this information in arranging transportation.

Your experience on the ground will be…

We will arrange for a private transfer from the airport to your villa in Terricciola.  The vehicles are generally large enough to accommodate all travelers plus one large bag and a small bag or carry-on bag.  If you require something larger, please let us know.

You will be taken directly to Borgo alle Vigne,  Via di Casanova 11 , Selvatelle Terricciola, Pisa, which is approximately 30 minutes from the airport.  With arrivals this late in the day, we normally would only plan a dinner prepared for you at your villa.  Since you appear to be staying at a Hilton vacation property, you may already have this service.  If you would like for us to prepare a meal that evening (and a light breakfast for the next morning that will be left for you), we will have someone come to your villa and make the preparations and certainly clean up afterwards.  We also customarily provide some essentials at the villa, such as water, wine, snacks and some charcuterie.  If you would like us to do this, again, please let us know.

Day trip to Lucca in northern Tuscany. Lucca’s intact historical sites make it a special experience in Tuscany. You can travel the original Roman road plan through the city.  The medieval walls still stand—you can hike or bike on top of them (since there are no vehicles allowed inside the city walls). Also visit the Duomo di San Martino and the Roman amphitheater, in addition to eating in a great restaurant and people watching.

We would have a guide meet you for a private introductory tour of the city.   Afterwards, we would have you enjoy pranzo, or the midday meal at a local restaurant based on a menu that we have chosen for you.  This is not something that we will do for every meal, but we would love to introduce you to some of the best cuisine in Tuscany for your first meal in Italy.

Afterwards, we will leave you to enjoy Lucca’s beautiful sites for a few hours before returning you to the villa.  I like to suggest that you bike around the city.  We would love to arrange a bike tour so that you can simply enjoy your experience, rather than worry about directions and time.

We are going to keep you a little closer to the villa today and bring you to Volterra.  Some guide books list this as their favorite hilltown in Tuscany.  Whether others agree or not, it is a beautiful town to walk around and experience.  Again, we will have a guide at your disposal.  The Piazza and Palazzo dei Priori are great to visit as well as the galleria of famous Tuscan artworks.  It might also be fun to see the Museo della Tortura (Museum of Torture).

We will arrange for a small meal for you in the afternoon in Volterra or on the way back.  If you leave early in the morning from your villa, Volterra is a good half-day trip.  Then you can relax in your villa and enjoy the pool in the afternoon.

This evening we will send a car back to you and take you to an area restaurant as close as we can to the villa.  Again, we would be pleased to prepare a menu for you, but you may want to choose this meal yourselves.

We kept the previous day a little lighter in order to take you to Florence this day.  We have a guide to meet us around 10:00 and take us to Santa Croce, Piazza Della Signoria, Il Duomo (with Brunelleschi’s dome and the Giotto’s tower), and the Pitti Palace and gardens. This walking tour will take us about 3 hours. We also have a choice of a tour in the morning for 3 hours and in the afternoon for 3 hours. You will see a lot on the 6-hour tour, but I don’t know if you want to be that structured for the entire day.  I suggest the morning tour alone.

I have worked in a stop in the leather district and at the Ponte Vecchio or you can do this in the afternoon. The tour will take all morning.

For sites, we can book a stop at a specific location like the Uffizzi, or Accademia or Pitti Palace, or we use the afternoon to soak in this beautiful city.  I recommend only one location because it is a busy time of year and customarily hot and humid.  Note, that you should dress comfortably, but if you wish to go into the Duomo or any other church, you should bring a light jacket, sweater or even a shawl because women are not allowed bare shoulders in churches and neither men nor women can have short shorts on.

I also will set up a traditional Tuscan dinner for you at a “local” restaurant and not one of the many tourist traps in the centro storico, historic center. You will return late this evening to your villa.

You will drive to Siena and meet with a local guide for a half-day walking tour.  I can’t say enough about Siena.  This enchanting walled medieval city has a culture and excitement all its own.  You can shop, go through its museums and churches, or just roam the city.  Have a gelato or drink alongside the Campo, a unique oval shaped grand piazza which is the site of the Palio medieval festival and horserace twice each year.  They will just have had the July run of the Palio so you can see the Campo as it is set up for the race.

We will leave you free for the later afternoon and set up a dinner in one of the many wonderful restaurants in Siena.

You expressed an interest in seeing Pisa, and the Torre di Pisa, or Leaning Tower.  We will arrange for morning entry if possible.  We then will leave you to walk around the piazza and baptistery nearby.

From Pisa, it’s off to your Tuscan cooking class.  We will have a proposed menu of items that you will help prepare and enjoy afterwards.  You will be returned to your villa in the later afternoon or early evening to relax.

We will leave you to enjoy your villa for the morning and early afternoon.  We then will take you to a nearby winery for a tour, tasting and midday snacks.  This is the land of Chianti and Brunello and Super Tuscans.  What I would love to introduce you also is the lesser known Vin Santo.  It is a dessert wine that it ubiquitous here but a lot of fun to experience in the winery setting.

In the evening, we will take you to San Gimignano, about 45 minutes from your villa.  It is usually visited during the day, but it is one of those beautiful Tuscan hilltowns to walk around at night.  I prefer being here in the evening because the busloads of daytrippers have left and the nights are cooler.  Here we will arrange for you to diner on your last night in Tuscany.

The most convenient way to travel to Rome is by car.  It will be approximately a three-hour ride from your villa to the Hilton resort in Rome.  We certainly can arrange train travel (and cars to/from the trains stations), but keep in mind that travel this way will take most of the day.  Either way that you travel, we recommend that you enjoy your five-star accommodations and begin the sightseeing the next morning.  I assume that you do not require dinner reservations or transportation if you are staying at the resort, but we can talk about this if I am incorrect.

Since your primary days to experience Rome are a Saturday and Sunday, we need to hit the Vatican first because it is closed on most Sundays.  We will attempt to purchase tickets for a morning tour of the Vatican. This will take all morning. You can walk from St. Peter’s Basilica, where the tour ends, down the street to the Castel Sant’Angelo. This was built as Emperor Hadrian’s tomb; then it was a fortress; then a papal palace; and now it is designated as a church, in order to be protected by the Vatican.

In the afternoon, I certainly can make suggestions of where to go or, if you prefer, especially because of likely warm temperatures, we can bring you back to the resort for the hottest part of the day.

Later we will return you to the centro storico for dinner and evening site seeing.  We will bring you either to Trastevere or to the area around the Piazza di Spagna, both of which are particularly enchanting in the evening.

Our focus today will be a walking tour of Rome’s highlights. We have to start in the ancient city and have an historical tour of the Roman Forum, where it began. We will have approximately a three-hour walking tour visiting the ancient history of Rome. The tour will include tickets for entry to the Colosseum and the Forum.

In the afternoon, we will have a food tour of Rome.  This can include many things, but the food traditions of Rome are very distinct and worthwhile.   It is a fun way to spend a warm afternoon and, depending on where you choose, can get you off the beaten track a little.  You can be taken to places like the new Testaccio market of Rome.  This area has seen a resurgence and modernization of what is Rome’s oldest food market.  You can also experience Prato or the Jewish Quarter or the Farmer’s Market depending on what you want to see.  It’s a wonderful way to learn how Rome’s food traditions were born out of need and transformed into something wonderful and enduring.

This evening, we will leave you to the resort or, if you wish, we can plan to have a driver available for you in Rome.

You can be taken by private vehicle from your resort to Sorrento or you can take the train to Naples and driven from there.  Sorrento is perched at the end of the peninsula that overlooks the Bay of Naples and the isle of Capri.  If you want to luxuriate at the water for a day and stop at many cafés or restaurants, or simply stare at the water for an afternoon, this is my choice.  The city is in two distinct parts, down on the water and on the cliffs above.  Most of the places or interest and the walkable part of the city is on the cliffs.  We will have our guide bring you around for a couple of hours after your arrival.  You will be introduced to the history of the city and also the best places to enjoy an incredible view and meal overlooking the bay.  I won’t tell you whether I enjoy the lower or upper part of the town more.  I have had clients and family members return and swear by them both.  So, I will let you decide.

We will take you to the ferry to Capri.  We will have a guide for you to introduce you to the history of the island and other sites/shopping.   Capri will likely be busy with tourism, but it still is a must-see.  The landscape, high-end shops and hotels, and the art-work will draw you in.  If you like, we can take you for a boat “ride” into the famous Blue Grotto, weather permitting. We can arrange a relaxing meal for you along the coast on the island. After returning by ferry to your hotel, we will arrange for a light meal after this busy day.

A well-preserved Roman town that was buried under tons of ash from Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D.  They have done a lot to this archeological site over the past few years, in order to give a real sense of walking around in the city and imagining it being buried in just a few hours.  Of course, we will have a guide for you to bring it all back to life.  When it was buried, the town was only about 160 years old.  After being buried, it was lost for about 1500 years until a letter describing the eruption and destruction of Pompeii was uncovered.  It has been a tourist destination for about 250 years and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. We will arrange for a transfer so you can spend some time at a winery where you can taste local wines paired with local foods.  These experiences are very satisfying and teach us how little of the truly local items make it out of Italy or even the region.

That evening we will arrange dinner for you in one of Sorrento’s wonderful restaurants.  If you prefer, we will take you this evening to Positano for a beautiful last night and dinner along the eastern coastline of the Amalfi Coast.

 We will arrange for a private transfer to the Naples airport for you.

  • All destinations will be guided by a personal guide. What we try to do is orient you wherever we go and then take you to points of interest of your choosing. If we need to purchase entry tickets in advance for particular locations, we should choose those locations in the planning process.
  • We also will leave you alone for as many parts of the trip or hours in the day that you choose.
  • We often have 2-3 hours of free time each day.
  • The next step is for you to approve this itinerary, with any requested changes, and we will fill in all of the details for you and obtain pricing adjustments
  • All accommodations are subject to availability upon booking. We have made provisional bookings until then, but they expire quickly.
  • If you have any special requests or needs, for example, food allergies, make sure to tell us so we can accommodate you.
  • Wine is excluded for all restaurants. Menus for your approval will follow and meals approved before departure.
  • Terms and conditions will apply and given to you upon commitment. They are attached to this email as a separate document.
  • This is your trip. We can make near any change that you want. Please let us know what type of experience(s) is most important to you.