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1811, 2015

Thanksgiving… With An Italian Twist

Italians aren’t big on turkey, but they are masters of contorni, the delicious vegetables that accompany any Italian feast. We know that Thanksgiving traditions run deep, but if you want to do something new — and delicious — without upsetting tradition, here are three suggestions for putting an Italian twist in your feast. Sedano and Patate Gratin (Celery root and potato gratin) This Italian version of “cheesy potatoes” features the addition of celery root, which [...]

911, 2015

Simple Joys — And A Glass of Grappa

Here’s one of those simple, but amazing experiences that make Italy such a fantastic culture. Recently I was in Milan on business. Milan is more of a town for working Italians and the fashion industry than a destination for tourism unless, of course, you want to see Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper fresco.  But the day I was there it was hot and muggy and raining all day long. So rather than get drenched trying [...]

511, 2015

Off the Beaten Path — Glorious Gubbio

One of my favorite Umbrian towns is Gubbio. This ancient city predates the Romans by 2-3 centuries and features amazing Roman influences, including its Roman Theater. Still in use today, this amazing “ruin” sits just outside the walled city and is used for the annual Festa dei Ceri each May. But even more beautiful is the city inside the medieval walls, which is so beautifully intact. The museums, cathedral, shops and piazzas are unspoiled Italy [...]

111, 2015

To Drive, Or Not To Drive…In Italy

I am asked so often about transportation in Italy, from trains to cars. You will hear that the train system is very good and that’s true (when: you are on the correct route, correct train line, in the correct region, the train isn’t late, and the train does not break down, and you don’t mind spending at least a third of each day waiting for and on the train). AKA...when it’s working, it’s great. That [...]

206, 2015

In Defense of Cannoli

Most people shrug their shoulders at the suggestion of eating cannoli. In my family, we make them and quickly consume them just once each year, at Easter time. A chef friend of mine proudly states that you will never see a cannoli in his Italian restaurant. Why? Because most of the cannoli that we eat here are just lousy! The difference may be using sheep’s milk ricotta rather than cow’s milk ricotta. Some may say [...]

2804, 2015

Artichoke Heaven: Baked and Stuffed

Fresh artichokes in season are so amazing in Italy that there are actually festivals dedicated to the spring harvest. When they were introduced in Italy, they were thought to be so beautiful that they were used as wedding bouquets. Today these edible thistles are often seen as decoration in giant baskets or as table displays. Many people are intimidated by preparing fresh artichokes, but it’s not hard if you know how. They can be prepared [...]