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511, 2015

Off the Beaten Path — Glorious Gubbio

One of my favorite Umbrian towns is Gubbio. This ancient city predates the Romans by 2-3 centuries and features amazing Roman influences, including its Roman Theater. Still in use today, this amazing “ruin” sits just outside the walled city and is used for the annual Festa dei Ceri each May. But even more beautiful is the city inside the medieval walls, which is so beautifully intact. The museums, cathedral, shops and piazzas are unspoiled Italy [...]

2104, 2015

Siena – Tuscany’s Other Great City

We love to spend time in Siena, a city of great history, art and proud people. All too often a visit to Siena is reduced to a day trip. While we must acknowledge the majesty and significance of Florence, we urge everyone to explore Siena and spend more time walking its perfectly preserved and walled centro storico, or historic center. When you experience Siena, here are our top five sites and events for you! Il [...]

2703, 2015

Our Favorite Italian Festivals

Here are just a few of the best festivals in Italy: whatever they celebrate, there is pageantry and wonderful food and friendly (and sometimes not-so-friendly) competition!! May / Venice La Festa della Sensa - On May 19-20, the Venetians celebrate the glory of their city with pageantry on their waterways. May / Gubbio La Corsa dei Ceri - Onn May 15th, people of the beautiful hilltown in Umbria, Gubbio, have a day-long pageant celebrating the [...]

2703, 2015

Italian Festival Season

Festivals in Italy take your cultural experience to a whole new level. There are festivals that celebrate seasonal harvests (think truffles, artichokes, and figs), religious events (almost any Saint is fair game), and even types of pasta. Last year we had a group in Giano dell’Umbria celebrating its magnificent Festa dei Gnocchi (Yes, two long weekends centered solely around the women of the village cooking giant sums of gnocchi for all comers!) Pictured here is [...]

1202, 2015

Love, Italian Style

Valentine's Day sounds so much better in Italian, La Festa Degli Innamorati, and the customs go back to the Roman Empire when February 14th was the feast of the goddess Juno. Fast forward. It’s still a celebration for lovers and Baci Perugina are a popular gift. These candies include a poem on a small strip of paper in four languages, a nod to the old traditions when lovers attended poetry readings on this day. But [...]

202, 2015

Pranzo’s Featured in DB Mag, by The Daily Basics

We are so proud to be featured in the maiden issue of DB Magazine, a new online magazine about cultivating traditions, lifestyle, travel, food, home, and garden. Our feature story, written by Travel Editor Priscilla Pilon is entitled Backroads and Alleyways of Italy/An Epicurean Tour of Rome & Umbria. We invited Priscilla to experience our Italy and brought her to Rome (her request) and Umbria (my request). Needless to say, it was a whirlwind of [...]