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Puglia and Basilicata

Puglia and Basilicata

Southern Italy is very different from the lush and rich regions like Tuscany or Piedmont.

In Basilicata you can see the cave dwellings where people lived well into the 20th Century, especially during Nazi occupied Italy. You can see the churches that are literally carved into the stone mountains. In particular, you can see the historically rich town of Matera, enjoy a day trip and move on to other regions like Sicily to the west or Puglia to the east.

Also known as Apulia, the heel of the boot of Italy is a surprisingly rich region of beaches and cliffs, and healthy cuisine, and sun and more!! This region is one of relaxation and beautiful scenery. The architecture, art, and the cuisine all reflect the many historical influences on the region by the Romans, Greeks, Turks, Moroccans, Moors, and Spanish. There’s even a little French and German influence (or at least occupation) as part of the wonderful mixture that makes up Puglia. Best enjoyed from the early spring season through the fall, Puglia may give you something new to experience!  If you have been there, our team is expert in bringing you to the nooks and crannies of the north, central, or southern parts of this diverse region.

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