Looking Out for Our Clients

We would like to reassure clients of Pranzo Tours that we are closely monitoring the Coronavirus in Italy. To keep apprised, we rely on local sources like TheLocal.IT, which provides daily reporting on the spread of the virus and the measures being taken around the county to address it.

It is essential for travelers to have current facts of the changing situation.

As of March 3, 2020, Italy currently has about 2,200 confirmed cases of the virus. From the onset, the region most affected is Lombardia most cases are south and east of the city. As a precaution, the Milan airport is currently closed but is scheduled to reopen on May 1, 2020.

The next two most affected regions are Emilia Romagna and the Veneto with more than about 500 cases. Similar to the situation in Lombardia, the areas most affected are small towns west of Venice, outside the city center.

The remaining approximately 200 cases are in areas throughout the remainder of Italy. There are no more than about 50 cases in each of the reaming regions with several having fewer than 5 to 10 confirmed cases.

Because the cases are concentrated in specific local areas, a total of 11 towns in the entire country in the most-affected regions have been shut down and quarantined thanks to quick action by the Italian government.

Please contact us if you have concerns about upcoming travel plans. We have successfully rescheduled two trips for our clients and will continue to work with vendors to request maximum flexibility concerning scheduling or rescheduling trips for our clients.