Born and raised in Italy, Nada Tizzano creates one-of-a-kind experiences for Pranzo guests with the unique perspective of having lived in both the northern and southern regions. Both areas have much to offer, but Nada’s heart and soul are more deeply rooted in the Italian south.

Tony DeFilippis, Pranzo’s founder, met Nada through a mutual friend three years ago. He was impressed with her exceptional talent for showing people the many treasures of southern Italy and, in many cases, turning around preconceptions. “We spent a day wandering the streets of the Naples, a city with a less than positive reputation,” says Nada, “Tony was hesitant at first, but as I showed him the city through my eyes and all it had to offer, he loved it.”

Nada applies the same enthusiasm for the tours she designs for Pranzo in Lazio, Umbria, Tuscany, and Campania. Together with Tony, she customizes itineraries and then handles all the details of accommodations, excursions, dining arrangements, and tour guides.

“The tours are always different because Tony personalizes them according to the type of experience the guest is seeking,” says Nada. “It makes the job varied, which I especially enjoy.”

To Nada, the guides she chooses are an essential part of the experience. “Having an engaging guide during a tour helps our guests not only learn the history of each destination but also to understand the soul of its people,” says Nada. “We ask our guides to act as a bridge between those who live very differently.”

Though she loves all of the destinations that Pranzo explores, her favorite is Campania. Says Nada, “Everyone knows about Capri, Pompeii, the Amalfi coast, which all are amazing places. Yet, Campania is outside the usual tourist routes and has just as much to offer, including sun, breathtaking views of the sea, rich history, and great food.”

Nada Tizzano, Tour Designer and Event Planner

Epicurian authenticity is a vital part of every Pranzo experience. There is no such thing as Italian food. Each region has different culinary traditions, shaped by several factors: the climate, the proximity to the sea, and even the prosperity of the region itself. “Therefore, to truly understand the essence of a particular destination, you have to experience its unique cuisine,” says Nada.

For this reason, she selects dining venues where the food truly reflects the flavors of local tradition. “We are very selective in choosing places and menus,” says Nada. “Finding total sensory experiences involves the beauty of the place as well as the taste of delicious food.”

In addition to planning customized experiences for small groups of family and friends, Nada also works with larger group events like weddings and special occasions. “If a guest requests it, Pranzo can take care of the entire event, hotel reservations, reception venue, ceremony venue, “ says Nada. “We will even help the bride choose flowers, schedule beauty treatments, or pick out the perfect wedding dress.“ Many couples love to create special travel experiences and rely on Pranzo to arrange group cooking classes and/or boating trips.” According to Nada, Sorrento and the Amalfi coast are very popular for destination weddings and the perfect setting for such a special event.

When asked why travelers should choose Pranzo, Nada comments, “Because Tony and his team know and love Italy. We want to share that passion with our guests so they have an authentic and meaningful travel experience.”