Rome like you’ve never seen it—Rome Lakes North

Rome like you’ve never seen it

After nearly 3000 years, Rome still has hidden places to see!  Wonder in neighborhoods rarely seen. Follow the path of Roman legions.  See amazing wealth preserved.  Dive deep in Rome’s most historic neighborhoods. And see the lake region just south of the city.

Umbria/Tuscany - nly the Best Hill Towns

Umbria/Tuscany—Only the Best Hill Towns

See the great unspoiled hill towns of central Italy. If you haven’t heard of Anghiari or Bevagna, see these and other enchanting small towns with world class architecture, art, food and wine.

Food & Wine Lovers Only

Food & Wine Lovers Only

Considered by many as the gastronomic capital of Italy (and that says a lot) in Emilia Romagna we will experience the best wines, fresh pasta and sauces, cheeses, truffles, cured meats and desserts of Italy.  Some of it we will even make!

Puglia from North to South

Puglia from North to South

Roman, Greek, Spanish, Moroccan culture meld into this region of beautiful beaches and the best that the Mediterranean diet has to offer.  If you like historical architecture or snorkeling or relaxing on the beach or world-class dining, Puglia has it. The northern towns set in the cliffs along the water and the southern towns with their beaches and calm ocean spots.

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