Spring Has Sprung!

Festivals in Italy take your cultural experience to a whole new level. March and April welcome the beginning of the festival season in Italy. I can’t wait – there is a festival for everyone. Traditional festivals celebrate seasonal harvests (think truffles, artichokes, and figs), religious events (almost any Saint is fair game), and even types of pasta.

Last year we had a group in Giano dell’ Umbria celebrating its magnificent Festa dei Gnocchi —  two long weekends centered solely around the women of the village cooking giant sums of gnocchi for all comers!

Pictured above is the Infiorata Festival, which features giant murals made entirely of flowers, held annually in the third week of June in Noto Sicily.

Including these cultural events in your travel plans is always amazing not only because the festivals are beautiful, culturally rich, and tasty, but they are times when locals are especially happy to receive you and share their gifts.

Before you travel, seek out some of Italy’s amazing festivals.  There is a growing list each year of international music, dance, and science festivals as well as those around world events. Ever heard of the Spoleto Festival dei due Mondi? Originally a festival focused on current events symposia, it is now a full-blown cultural festival with discussions, displays, and world-class performers. There is even a sister-city event in South Carolina. Another great time is Umbria Jazz, a 10-day festival in Umbria’s capital of Perugia, which takes place in July, another world-class event in a beautiful medieval location. Past featured artists include Herbie Hancock and Chic Corea as well as Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga.

Millions attend these events and they can be a great addition to your experience. Here’s a listing of some of our favorite Italian festivals – check it out as you plan your next trip. And check back here for more great tips about festivals and other best-kept secrets in our blog. You’ll be glad you did!