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New for 2019! Pranzo Tours is proud to offer an exclusive opportunity to experience the food, culture, and beauty of Rome. Our customized seven-day itinerary includes guided excursions, authentic cooking classes, shared intimate dinners with opportunities for individual exploration.

Your Hosts

Experience the magic of Italy’s capital city with Pranzo Tours and our local food and wine experts, Eleonora Baldwin and Gina Tringali of Casa Mia Italy Food & Wine.

We teamed up with Eleonora and Gina to create a unique and immersive experience for travelers to truly connect with this magical city. You will savor every moment of the journey. La dolce vita!

Explore our daily itinerary (note: the order of activities is subject to change based on availability). Please send us an email or call 860-841-9183 to request more information about these exciting small group tour opportunities!

Meet Gina & Eleonora

Tour Dates

1st Tour:  May 4 – 11, 2019 NO AVAILABILITY
2nd Tour: September 28 – October 5, 2019

2019 Tour Price

$5,500 per person. Price includes all accommodations, ground transportation, meals and ingredients for cooking classes, wines provided at sponsored meals, tours and tastings, and city taxes.


We have secured accommodations at a historic 4-star hotel in the center of Rome. Availability is limited to the first 15 guests to confirm booking.

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Day 1 – Welcome to Rome!

Day 1

Welcome to Rome!

Welcome to Rome!

The first evening of your arrival will be shared with Tony, Eleonora and Gina for drinks and dinner as we all get to know each other. Enjoy fried appetizers, pizza, and dessert at one of Rome’s top pizzerias as we review the week’s itinerary with the group.

DAY 2 Market Day Cooking Class

Day 2

Market Day Cooking Class

Market Day Cooking Class
Italians shop nearly every day in their neighborhood open markets. That’s how you will experience Rome. We will take you to the best farmer’s market for you to sample the freshest meats, cheeses, vegetables and fruits. We then return with our groceries to make some Roman classics to enjoy with each your fellow travelers.

Day 3 – Cheese Day

Day 3

Cheese Day

Cheese Day
Our resident cheese expert, Eleonora, will guide us to the best cheese mongers in Rome, sampling all things creamy, funky, and bloomy. Besides tasting ridiculous amounts of cheese, you’ll also learn first-hand from the producers themselves, the techniques, secrets and beautiful stories of love and redemption attained through the art of cheese-making.

Day 4 – Testaccio Market

Day 4

Testaccio Market

Testaccio Market
Testaccio Market is one of the oldest and newest markets in Rome. The ancient site of this Roman port neighborhood bazaar has been transformed into a modern specialty market. Here you can buy and taste the best of Roman classics while being immersed in the vibrant street food scene. Afterwards we will change pace with an intimate dinner in one of Rome’s off-the-beaten-path neighborhoods

Day 5 – Torta Rustica Cooking Class

Day 5

Torta Rustica Cooking Class

Torta Rustica Cooking Class
We’re back in the kitchen for a late morning lesson in sweet and savory pies! Our trained chefs will guide you in making classic torta rustica and crostata. Scratch cooking at its best. At the end of the class, everyone will enjoy a convivial meal together. Later in the evening, we are pleased to host an evening of cocktails and shopping in Rome for those who want to explore the city after dark.

Day 6 – Wine Day

Day 6

Wine Day

Wine Day
We venture out to a vineyard in the morning, and then enjoy an afternoon meal in a local restaurant with wine pairings. Gina, our resident sommelier, will introduce you to the wines of Lazio, the region of Rome. We will have a special emphasis on organic wines, which are taking their well-deserved place in Roman culture.

Day 7 – Cucina Italiana

Day 7

Cucina Italiana
Cucina Italiana
We will venture out to start the day with wonderful morning pastries at a breakfast bakery. In the afternoon, you will gain a new appreciation for the cucina italiana from an olive oil expert. Once everyone’s palates are set, we will enjoy an evening family-style dinner. A table filled with wonderful dishes that you can share over a long lingering meal, like true Italian families.

About Casa Mia

Casa MiaEleonora Baldwin and Gina Tringali are culinary professionals who share a deep friendship and passion for Italian culture.

American-born and Italian-raised, Eleonora is a TV host, journalist, influencer, and culinary connoisseur based in Rome, Italy. Her show ABCheese is broadcast on Italian food network Gambero Rosso. Her writing appears in several food and travel publications.

Gina was born into an Italian-American family and moved to Rome in 2007. While earning her Master’s degree in the History of Italian Food and Wine, Gina obtained sommelier certification with Associazione Italiana Sommelier (AIS), and WSET Advanced Certificate in Wines and Spirits.

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Reservations now being accepted for both tours. Availability is limited to the first 15 guests to confirm booking. Terms and conditions apply.

Please send us an email or call 860-841-9183 to request more information about these exciting small group tour opportunities!

Availability is limited to the first 15 guests to confirm booking.

Meet Gina Tringali  & Eleonora Baldwin