The Restaurant Group of Gino Cuminale & Dany di Guiseppe - authentic Italian eateries in off-the-beaten-path Roman neighborhoods, all are hidden gems for those wanting to escape the tourist centers within the city.

Rome is a city with proud and strict food traditions. While embracing the past a new generation of restauranteurs is bringing new vibrant ideas to the Roman table.

Gino Cuminale is one such visionary. A former antiques dealer, he followed his passion to open a fast-paced restaurant in one of the busiest cities in the world. Together with his partner, Dany Di Guiseppe, they created the first of what would become many authentic Italian eateries in off-the-beaten-path Roman neighborhoods. All are hidden gems for those wanting to escape the tourist centers within the city.

  • Ercoli 1928 with two locations in Viale Parioli and the Prati area, is both a restaurant and gastronomy or deli, for lovers of good food. Steeped in the history of Rome, Ercoli crosses geographical borders with a careful selection of products.
  • Porto Fluviale is a trattoria, pizzeria, and bar in one with a lounge and street-food kitchen. They are all characterized by a desire to make food available for everyone, to bring back a playful attitude at the table, to create a good atmosphere, to cook well-made food, use fresh products and set prices to suit all.
  • Celestina Alla Camilluccia is a popular pizzeria with simple and well-prepared offerings for all tastes and budgets. Customers can choose from four styles of pizza, three types of dough, and three types of marinara. A Mediterranean scrub garden is a little Eden for those who want to eat al fresco among flowering bushes, aromatic herbs, lemon trees, and a centenary olive tree.
  • Bro’ is a vibrant burger bar with an international menu that is an irresistible journey between Italian excellence and creative interpretations. The eclectic menu appeals to all tastes with classic fare, inspired vegetarian and vegan proposals, and savory bites of all types.
  • Cucina Rosti in Pigneto is a factory of flavors that is open to everyone from breakfast through late-night cocktails. It is a place to feel at home with a cozy atmosphere, welcoming and authentic food, and relaxing rhythms. With a menu that changes seasonally, there is always something new to discover.
  • La Pariolina is an authentic yet unconventional pizzeria in Parioli, where you can let yourself go to the pleasure of taste. They make their pizza with dough leavened for 72 hours and baked in a wood oven. The complete menu includes first courses of homemade pasta, high-quality cheeses, and a rich selection of meats from organic farms.
  • Stazione Mole in Ciampino, just outside Rome, is a restaurant and grill featuring three-dough pizza, regional recipes, and zero km products. Located near the Santa Maria delle Mole railway station and inserted within a winery, Stazione Mole is a friendly, welcoming place where the focus on cooking with the freshest ingredients takes center stage.
  • Sant’Albberto is a pizzeria-liquoreria with a name that celebrates the patron saint of pizza makers. With a menu that includes 30 pizzas and liqueurs from more than 70 companies, their single goal is to satisfy customers.
  • Ciclostazione Frattini is a unique family-friendly Italian Cucina. The welcoming environment includes ample indoor and outdoor spaces with two supervised play areas for children. The “made in Italy” cuisine focuses on simple dishes that enhance the seasonality of the freshest ingredients.

The Restaurant Group of Gino Cuminale & Dany di Guiseppe

Gino CuminaleGino Cuminale & Dany Di Guiseppe
Locations: Rome

The Restaurant Group of Gino Cuminale & Dany Di Guiseppe