Essentia: The Essence of PugliaEssentia is the essence of Puglia, one of the most ancient and enchanting Italian regions of the Mediterranean. Here you can experience a fusion of nature, emotions, and perfumes.

Essentia Puglia is an organic and natural cosmetic brand providing the natural beneficial essences and active principles directly from nature to care about beauty without harmful artificial chemicals and anti-aging skincare, body, and hair using Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Vintage Grapes from Puglia’s ancient olive trees and the native grapevines of Alto Salento and Valle d’Itria.

The Essentia Puglia collection including also perfumes and home fragrances is entirely created in Puglia. The productive cycle composition of Essentia Puglia products follows the ‘zero kilometer’ concept of getting essences hence, they are locally extracted always respecting the environment.

As a conservationist brand, Essentia Puglia supports a policy of no testing on animals. All products have been certified by the most respected Italian universities.

Essentia: The Essence of Puglia

Essentia Puglia
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