Street Food in Naples

Street Food in Naples

See Naples like a native.

Discover Spaccanapoli, which translated means “Naples splitter,” on a guided walking (and tasting!) tour A World Heritage Site, this historic street literally divides the ancient city in two.  The past will come to life as you admire its incredible historic buildings, churches and palaces. Stroll along the narrow streets, adorned with unique boutiques, restaurants, and craft shops.

Along the way, immerse yourself in the flavor of the area by sampling the plentiful offerings of street vendors. Taste what is known as the “world’s best pizza” and savor the many delicious, sweet treats available, including a local favorite, sfogliatella.

The birthplace of pizza fritta (fried pizza). The birthplace of fried calamari, zucchini flower fritters, sfogliatelle!! This may be the best street food experience that you’ll have!

Tony DeFilippis

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