Regional Cooking Class

Regional Cooking Class

Learn Umbrian Culinary Traditions

Time flies when you’re having fun! It turns back, however, when you arrive at Tili Vineyards. The Tili winery extends over the hills that flank Assisi to the east and has a centuries-old wine and oil tradition. Tili is a family-run winery and olive oil frantoio. In the kitchen, you will learn the secrets of baking amazingly soft and crunchy focaccia, preparing handmade pasta or gnocchi, and making traditional Umbrian favorite dishes like tozzetti. While the food is resting, you will enjoy a guided tasting of organic wines and olive oil. The day will finish with a feast to enjoy the results of our work!

The most fun you’ll ever have in a cooking class! Maria and Annalaura, whip up so much more than the meal.

Tony DeFilippis

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