Quintessential Dining

Quintessential Dining

Savor the finest dishes overlooking the Bay of Sorrento.

We spend years searching and tasting to share the best of Italy with our guests. Nestled in the ancient village of Marina Piccola, Vela Bianca Sorrento Restaurant offers the pinnacle of freshness in a relaxing and inviting location.

Since 1920 the restaurant has always been a meeting place for tourists and friends who love to enjoy the catch of the day. For Pranzo guests, it will be the place for our farewell dinner to savor the flavors and experiences of our Amalfi Coast journey.

Sorrento is renowned for excellent seafood and there is no better place to enjoy the finest dishes than Vela Bianca. Every day trusted fishermen arrive early in the morning for chefs to choose the best catch for their customers.
Tony DeFilippis

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