Limoncello Tasting da “i giardini di cataldo”

Walking tour of Sorrento including limoncello tasting da “i giardini di cataldo” Experience a half-day city walking tour, explore San Cesareo Street’s unique charming shops, and admire the majestic Sedil Dominova, with remarkable architecture and mural paintings from the 16th century.

Recharge with a delightful light lunch at the Giardini di Cataldo to enjoy a limoncello tasting, wood-cooked bread bruschetta with Sorrento tomatoes, Neapolitan salami, caprese salad, and gulf olives with ricotta cheese cooked on lemon leaf.

Follow with a peaceful stroll through the lemon groves, sample citrus liqueurs, marmalades and ice cream, then make room for the finest local dinner at a nearby restaurant.

True to the tradition of Italian craftsmanship, this family does one thing, for generations, and they do it perfectly. The lemons are like perfume and the limoncello that you taste has a special flavor that you only get in Sorrento, the home of limoncello.
Tony DeFilippis

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