Lazio Wine Region

Lazio Wine Region

Home of Frascati

Lazio wine region is known for white wine production using grape varieties of Trebbiano, Malvasia di Candia and Malvasia Puntinata. Frascati is a white wine which is the most famous produced throughout the Lazio region. White wines from the Lazio wine region are light, crispy, and dry. They are designed for drinking young, characterized by their sharpness, high acidity and a lightness that makes them an ideal accompaniment to the local cuisine. We will be sampling both the wine and cuisine at a Frascati vineyard.

A forgotten wine region, Lazio (where Rome is located) has fine wines and table wines and a burgeoning biologic wine industry. Most important, is that they match the food of the region.

Tony DeFilippis

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