“Cucina Tipica”

“Cucina Tipica”

Traditional Dishes

Rome is famous for regional classics such the great triumvirate of Roman pasta: Amatriciana- pasta topped with a sauce made with Guanciale (or pancetta), onion, tomatoes and Pecorino Romano, but no garlic; Carbonara Pasta tossed with browned guanciale, black pepper, fresh grated Pecorino Romano and beaten eggs – the real thing; and Cacio e Pepe – Cheese & Pepper pasta – a dish with few ingredients, just butter, black pepper and Pecorino Romano, but difficult to perfect!

Of course, Romans have their own style of pizza. The most noticeable characteristic of Roman pizza is the crumbliness of the dough and thin crust. And Romans are not afraid of toppings. A classic on menus in Rome is the Capricciosa: topped with ham, mushrooms, olives, artichoke, tomato and an egg. A much-loved Roman specialty we will sample is Flietti Di Baccala, or deliciously battered and deep-fried salt cod.  And these are only a few of the dishes and food preparation techniques in traditional Roman cuisine we will be learning about and sampling.

Rome is one of the world’s great food towns. It’s best known for its pastas, but it has wonderful other food traditions in its fish, salumi, vegetables and more.

Tony DeFilippis

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