Cooking & Sommelier Course

Cooking Class & Sommelier Course

Understanding Campania Food & Wine

Spend the day at the idyllic farmhouse Fattoria Terranova, located on the hills of Sorrento, overlooking the bay of Naples and surrounded by lush vineyards, olive groves, and citrus groves as far as the eye can see.

Upon arrival, the Sommelier will lead you through the vineyard explaining its history. Along the way, taste 4 Campanian wines including a sparkling, white, red, and a passito.

Then it’s time for our cooking class. Before beginning, we will go to the garden, accompanied by the chef, to harvest the ingredients needed. Learn about the pasta making process, as well as how to make the famous ravioli of the region filled with fresh ricotta and herbs. Prepare gnocchi dressed with a traditional sauce. Enjoy the meal you created as well as additional fare prepared by your hosts.

As a remembrance of this special day, you will receive a farmhouse cookbook and a participation certificate.

We will be on a hillside, amidst a garden of lemons, tomatoes, garlic, herbs as we learn to create some local favorites. But, so it doesn’t seem like work, we will taste and become educated on local wines as we head toward mealtime.

Tony DeFilippis

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