Buffalo Farm “Vannulo”

Buffalo Farm “Vannulo”

Experience Real Buffalo Mozzarella

We will take a fascinating tour of the Vannulo Buffalo Farm, a scenic destination that maintains the perfect balance of tradition and innovation.

The music of Mozart is often heard wafting over the fields as it is piped into an open plan cattle shed of nearly 300 buffalo cows. While it is the only dairy farm in the region still making its famous buffalo mozzarella by hand, it is also the only one with a state-of-the-art self-milking robots imported from Sweden.

After the tour of the production area and seeing the buffalo, enjoy a tasting of their delectable creamy buffalo mozzarella and their other local, farm-produced foods.

I promise that you have never tasted a proper sflogliatella or cannolo until you’ve had one made with fresh ricotta.  When I say fresh, I mean made that morning.  And it’s special because it has the tang of milk from buffalo that are kept happy and clean on this amazing farm.

Tony DeFilippis

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