Ancient Traditions of Winemaking

Ancient Traditions of Winemaking

Museum of Wine and of Museum of Olive Oil

Torgiano is a vital winemaking town as the first area in Umbria to obtain the Italian wine certification mark (Denomination of Origin or DOC). Best known today for the Museum of Wine and the Museum of Olive Oil, Torgiano is typically uncrowded and a lovely place to stroll around leisurely.

The museum of wine is a private collection of the Lungarotti family relating to all things wine. We will visit the museum to appreciate its outstanding collection of ancient and medieval cups, vessels, and winemaking equipment.

After gazing upon their intoxicating collection, we will have lunch at L’U Wine Bar, owned by your museum hosts. The authentic Umbrian menu highlights the local and fresh daily dishes.

It is my pleasure to work with the Lungarotti family, owners of the Museum of Wine and L’U wine bar to offer a day you’ll never forget. One you won’t find anywhere else.

Tony DeFilippis

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