Plan now risk-free for travel in 2021

Last week was a turning point in Italy’s battle against COVID-19 as the country begins to reopen after weeks of being locked down. We are in close touch with our friends in Italy and watching their success as they emerge from this difficult period. Italians, like Americans, are resilient and we look forward to better days ahead.

For those whose travel plans to Italy have been thwarted by the pandemic, I’m sure that you have thought a lot about your trip wondering when you can reschedule. We are monitoring the situation closely and are happy to discuss the best course of action for you.

We do see a growing demand for next year. Give yourself something to look forward to. Call Pranzo (860-316-4943 x 801) to start planning now for your trip of a lifetime and be ready to travel when the time is right. Planning is risk-free until the beginning of 2021. Until then, allow us to entice you with our Vignettes from Italy!