Authentic Experiences Await Without the Worry

Your vacation to Italy starts the day you make the decision to go. You’re excited and immediately begin searching online to learn about the cities and town you want to see. The hunt is fun at first but quickly becomes tiresome and frustrating. The myriad choices to be made are overwhelming.

Do you stay in a hotel or rent a villa? What about a masseria or agriturismo? What airport should you fly in an out of? How will you get around? Do you need a guide or a translator? What are the weather and crowds like when you want to travel? What local events are happening where you’re going? Where can you go to find activities to suit your interests — golfing, hiking, biking, boating, horseback riding or something else? What once-in-a-lifetime experiences do you want to cross off your bucket list? Decisions, decisions, and more decisions!

Take a load off and relax. You only need to make one call to Pranzo Tours and we’ll custom design a trip personalized for you. As experts in Italy, we already know the answers to the questions that you’ll encounter and guide you in making the best choices. We have local connections and first-hand experience of the people and places that we personally recommend so that your experiences in Italy exceed your expectations. If you want to emphasize the hilltowns, or the cities, or the country or some of both;  or if you want an adult trip or something that the children can share with you; or if you are going there to enjoy the amazing wines and food of Italy; or if you have needs that require special accommodations, we can arrange all of the details.

Best of all, we know the ins and outs, backroads and alleyways of Italy and want to share our passion for authentic experiences with you. Your custom itinerary will take your places that online tours don’t even know about.

The secret to a truly magical vacation in Italy is to get out into the neighborhoods and go where the locals go. These are the places where we’ll bring you. In this video postcard from Rome, Tony shares his favorite way to start the day in Italy with a visit to La Pasticceria Regoli for a typical Roman breakfast.

So, whether you’re planning an intimate couples vacation or a big family reunion, at Pranzo Tours we listen, we design the vacation that you want, and then we bring you along on experiences that create the trip of a lifetime. Until the next time!