Amastuola Masseria & Wine Resort

Amastuola is a farm in the heart of Apulia. Its history is the entrepreneurial story of Giuseppe Montanaro. Born a farmer, he became a blacksmith, an artist, and an industrialist. He returned Amastuola later in life to his origins in agriculture transforming a land, abandoned for decades, with the same strength and art with which he forged iron.

Today Amastuola is a unique place in the world, where you can perceive what the landscape designer Fernando Carucho calls, “genius loci” – the most intimate identity of a place. It is land that has always been populated from the age of Magna Grecia to today and which whispers stories of fatigue, love, despair, and the happiness of the people who have lived and worked here over the centuries.

When the Montanaro family decided to enter the world of wine, they chose Amastuola because it is a place that they always felt were theirs even though they didn’t own it.  It is a place with its architectural simplicity and sobriety that reflects the family’s way of being and operating.

Amastuola is also the result of over sixteen years of incessant work, carried out first on the vineyard-garden and then on the old farmhouse to create a place capable of surprising guests with every little detail.

What they offer is experiential, cultural, and rural tourism.  The modern tourist wants to take home a wealth of emotions, experiences, and personal knowledge. The Montanaro’s try to satisfy this desire for discovery not only by telling the story of their family farm and the millennial history of Amastuola before each tasting but also with all the activities that are proposed.

The experience is enriched with cooking classes through which guests discover the secrets of our traditional cuisine, walk through the rows of our vineyard on foot, by bicycle, on horseback, taking time to stop and rest in the shade of the islands of ancient olive trees enjoying the sounds and scents of the countryside.

Visit the Amastuola website for a virtual tour or purchase wine in their online cantina.

Amastuola Masseria & Wine Resort

Amastuola Masseria & Wine Resort
Location: Strada Provinciale 42, Crispiano