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Getting Started

Unlike traditional tours, your Pranzo tour is customized to your party, your tastes, and your preferences. The first step is to have a conversation with our Tour Designer. We’ll ask lots of questions and have lots of ideas to share to make your Pranzo Tour your best vacation ever.

Unlike traditional tours, Pranzo Tours are priced by the person, including accommodations, transportation, special events, and selected meals. Because they are custom designed, each tour is entirely unique, and priced according to your specific itinerary. Air transportation to and from Italy is not included.

To initiate our customized design process, we require a deposit of $200, which can be provided via credit card. This non-refundable fee is credited toward the cost of your trip when we make your final booking arrangements.

Visiting Italy

It’s hard for us to become used to the tipping custom in Italy. A gratuity is automatically included in every bill. Italians do not tip as a rule beyond this and there is no expectation that you have to tip. If service is excellent and you really want to tip, you can do so up to 10%.

You only need an adapter, the two prong plug, for cameras, computers, tablets and phones. They run on a current that is acceptable with Italian electric systems. You need a converter, that changes the electric current, with everything else. A caution, don’t bring power strips because plugging in multiple items into one outlet, even phones for example, will likely overload the system. These electric systems, especially since they are installed into historic housing, are less robust than ours.

The answer to this question is ever changing. Today, cash is most economical. But, to my surprise, my credit card company does not charge a transaction fee, so they are moving up. Call around and do your homework for the best solution.

Yes and yes. If your card does not have a chip, it only means that the vendor has to manually enter your card number. However, many vendors do not accept any cards, especially in small towns, so carry some amount of cash for incidentals and some meals.

Yes. Call all of your card companies and your bank, if you plan to use a debit card, before you go. Give them your dates and countries in which you are traveling so they honor charges overseas.

Yes, but it is very expensive unless you purchase a temporary international plan before you go. The plan usually provides a reduced rate for calls, a data package and a special text rate. If you have a smart phone, think about turning off your data roaming and only use the phone where you have WiFi. It’s increasingly common to find free hot spots at restaurants and rentals. Some communities are providing city-wide internet you can use. If you want, you can buy a temporary phone in Italy but it is only good for making calls within Italy.