More than a tour of Italy.

It’s a group of friends sharing an Italian experience.

Traveling in a small group, personally lead by Tony DeFilippis, you can visit specific regions of Italy to experience special places that only a guide with personal deep knowledge can provide.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to travel to Italy in elegant and effortless comfort. With only four curated, personally guided trips per year of just 20 travelers, a total of only 80 people annually can take advantage of these unique and immersive tours.

Soak in the culture of the Campania region.

In-depth in Italy

10 delightful days

Tony creates extraordinary, curated explorations of the Italian countryside by specializing exclusively in areas that he knows and loves – regions where he has first-hand experience of the people and places.

Experience rich Mediterranean culture with northern towns nestled into seaside cliffs sea and the southern towns with beaches and calm ocean spots.
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Visit medieval cliffside villages and experience the spectacular natural beauty the Amalfi. Sample the famous Sorrento limoncello and local seafood.
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See enchanting, unspoiled hill towns of Umbria filled with ancient architecture, art, food and wine in the heart of Italy. < Read More >

Dive deep in Rome’s most historic neighborhoods and ancient sites. Visit Lake Albano and Lake Nemi in the scenic Alban Hills region. < Read More >


Puglia North & South ~ October 2 – 10, 2023

In any trip, Tony minimizes the number of moves that you will make during your stay and finds the best centrally located lodgings. With a comfortable “home base,” you won’t live out of a suitcase for your entire experience.

Reach out to Tony for current excursion booking or questions about any of our tours!

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