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2407, 2016

Puglia’s Fave e Cicoria

Probably no dish is associated with Puglia more than fave e cicoria.  It is an antipasto or a contorni (side dish).  Either way it’s delicious. Fave e Cicoria 1/2 lb dried and peeled fava beans, soaked overnight 1.1 lb chicory (if you can’t find chicory you can substitute kale) Salt and freshly ground black pepper Extra virgin olive oil After draining the fave beans, place them in a saucepan with about 1 cup of water.  [...]

2407, 2016

The Panzerotti of Bari

Typically these are filled with mozzarella and fresh tomato.   Once you have mastered this, move on to filling them with many other items such as salumi or anchovies or artichokes. Panzerotti 1 package active dry yeast Pinch of sugar 3 ½ tablespoons extra virgin olive oil sea salt and freshly grounded black pepper 3 cups flour, (try to find 00 flour if you can) ½ pound plum tomatoes peeled and coarsely chopped 4 ounces [...]

906, 2016

Experience the New Testaccio Market in Rome

Rome is a city with proud and strict food traditions. The “mavericks” of Rome are trying to break those traditions, or at least update them a little. But, one of the strictest food traditions of Rome, for example, is not to mix the foods that you might find in a pizzeria with the food from a trattoria—until now. Il Nuovo Mercato di Testaccio has been around for about 4 years now (very new by Roman [...]

2311, 2015

My Mother’s Turkey Tetrazzini

Every year, while everyone else was having their sandwiches with turkey and stuffing and cranberry relish, my mom’s go-to dish for the Friday after Thanksgiving was turkey tetrazzini. We never had it any other time. And it was delicious. This isn't something you'll see much (if any) of in Italy, but it's true Italian-American comfort food! Ingredients 2 c. mixed fresh mushrooms. Sliced or torn. You can add a small amount of reconstituted porcini mushrooms [...]

1811, 2015

Thanksgiving… With An Italian Twist

Italians aren’t big on turkey, but they are masters of contorni, the delicious vegetables that accompany any Italian feast. We know that Thanksgiving traditions run deep, but if you want to do something new — and delicious — without upsetting tradition, here are three suggestions for putting an Italian twist in your feast. Sedano and Patate Gratin (Celery root and potato gratin) This Italian version of “cheesy potatoes” features the addition of celery root, which [...]

911, 2015

Simple Joys — And A Glass of Grappa

Here’s one of those simple, but amazing experiences that make Italy such a fantastic culture. Recently I was in Milan on business. Milan is more of a town for working Italians and the fashion industry than a destination for tourism unless, of course, you want to see Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper fresco.  But the day I was there it was hot and muggy and raining all day long. So rather than get drenched trying [...]